Our Vision

RP Painting is always mindful of the future and we want to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. We believe that every project in which we participate has the potential to create change and that by doing our very best in the present, we are paving the way for even greater things to come.

For our clients, we understand that their painting/remodeling project is an investment and we want to see them achieve outcomes that are worthy of that investment. Our managers work to provide organization, time management and the utilization of skill, energy and resources to maximize results and to keep every project running smoothly and efficiently.

For our employees, we want to build on the skillset they have started with before working for us. We want to offer them every opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. We want them to enjoy the work they do and to reach their highest potential.

For our community, we want to demonstrate that we understand the importance of participating in the community – no only in our industry, but in our geographical area. We want to be conscious of the environment and make sure that our world is safe and comfortable for future generations. We participate in efforts to give back to the community by providing services for non-profit organizations that are improving the lives of others. We are always mindful that we have to share the Earth with others, and work to do our part to keep it a beautiful world.