Press Coverage

  • $2 Bill People’s Stimulus plan.  Our goal for our packets of $2 bills is to keep it out of the banks, and to keep it circulating throughout our community.  A few ideas to sue it were: yard sales, swap meets, taco stands, mom & pop stores, babysitters, ice cream trucks, tips at a restaurant.  RP Painting was featured on 2 News of Utah.  See the feature video and newscast by clicking here.
  • Some rules of the RP Painting stimulus package:
    • Cannot pay bills
    • Spend it in our community
    • If people ask about the $2 bills, show them the envelope and explain the plan.
  • Some recommendations:
    • Invite other businesses to join in our effort circulating $2 bills around the community
    • Everyone donate 10% to good will
    • Help someone that needs $2