Power Washing

Power washing can be an invaluable step during the painting preparation process, but did you know that it offers your facility key benefits all on its own?

These benefits include:

  • Washes away corrosive mold, salt, grease, dirt, and more
  • Removes slippery, hazardous residue from walkways and pedestrian areas
  • Creates a more sanitary environment
  • Allows for easier maintenance
  • Increases the lifespan of your paint and coatings
  • Increases your property’s aesthetic appeal

What Does the Power Washing Process Include?

First, we evaluate the condition and nature of the surfaces you need cleaned. Industrial-grade power washing delivers an incredibly high-pressure stream of water, often in conjunction with specialized cleaners. Our trained technicians will make sure that the right pressure and cleaning method is paired with your specific need, ensuring the best results and that your property is completely protected from any damage or water intrusion.

You Can Confidently Choose RP Painting

  • We offer customizable maintenance plans
  • Call us when you need us, or let us put you on a predictable schedule of ongoing care
  • Routine maintenance saves you time, money, and simplifies your budget
  • We offer scheduling flexibility, including night and weekend service
  • We are licensed, insured, and experienced
  • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed
  • We are guided by our core values to be relationship-driven, do the right thing, and focus on excellence

How Else Can We Serve You?

  • Airless spraying
  • Multicolor: Zolotone
  • Decorative finishes
  • Graining (wood finish)
  • Acid floors, sealers, speciality floors
  • Pressure washing
  • Night & weekend services
  • Wall coverings installed, cleaned, and repaired
  • Faux painting
  • Computer estimating – accurate take-offs
  • Leed experience
  • Water repellents
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