Company History

As a third-generation painter, Randy Peters has paint in his DNA. Because of this, it may have been inevitable that he would eventually launch his own painting company.

At age 14, the skill and knowledge of the trade was instilled in Randy by his grandfather, who owned Drennan Co. Painting during the Great Depression. These seeds lay dormant while Randy completed his college education, and later began a career at Motorola. The monotony of his work quickly ate away at him, and Randy decided to return to his roots.

In 1980 Randy founded RP Painting & Decorating. The company was built on not only a dedication to offering superior service and expertise, but also on building relationships. In fact, Randy describes RP Painting as a “relationship-driven company,” valuing clients and employees as individuals who are to be respected and cared for.

Over the years since our doors were first open, RP Painting has grown into a local industry leader, providing the standard for commercial and light industrial painting and flooring services. We have grown since those early days, but our commitment to people, relationships, and exceptional work has remained unchanged.

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Randy Peters Painting is a fully insured, dependable, commercial painting and decorating company established in 1980.

Over 37 years experience

Fully Insured

All work Warrantied - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

E.P.A. Certified for lead violation

quality paint and materials

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